Lucky Labs can be adopted in 3 areas...

Each dog is given an abbreviated region-tag. Region-tags can be found in each dog profile.




Once rescued, Lucky Labs are:

1.  vetted with vaccinations

2.  spayed/neutered

3.  heart-worm tested

4.  wormed for internal parasites

5.  temperament tested

6.  covered with complete veterinary care before being adopted


Our goal is to place our Labs in forever homes. It’s important to know the general health & personality of each dog, as we want to match potential adopters with dogs that would be the most successful fit.

What you can do

Adopters pay adoption fees which cover some costs, but not all. 100% of your donations goes straight to the dogs, which helps pay for spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heart-worm tests & treatments, microchipping and sometimes emergency surgery.
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Volunteers provide food, water, shelter, love and transportation (to pet appointments, adoption events, etc.). We pay the vet-bills. Any costs you incur (food, toys, etc. are all tax deductible since we're a 501c3 organization. 

Fosters & volunteers are needed in Indiana and Texas



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*Owners' Surrender applicants must be from TX, MW & NE only; we don't readily take owner surrenders but will consider depending on circumstances.


Labs & lab mixes

Because Labs — amongst other breeds — are more often euthanized at shelters! It’s hard to imagine, but sometimes people adopt a cute lab puppy and when the dog displays “lab energy," it gets turned to a shelter.

Most labs that come to Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption were most at risk of euthanasia, usually due to overcrowded shelters.   

The most popular color of Labs are the yellow & chocolate, leaving black labs less likely to being adopted. Some shelters will automatically euthanize black labs. Rescue organizations have accepted the yellow and chocolate over the black labs, too. We at Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption feel very committed to rescuing black Labs too, due to their plight as they are often overlooked in favor of lighter-colored dogs.



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