Available in: TX

Color: White

Sex: male

Age: 3 yr

Size: LArge

Ok, brace yourselves, you're about to see the CUTEST little face! Meet Sammy. He can be adopted in Texas. We are looking for a foster or adopter for this cutie.

He has a beautiful white coat with some tan spots.

Age: Approx 3 years old

Weight: 33lbs

What's Sammy's cutest behavior? When you have a treat or are getting his food, he will dance around in circles. It's pretty hilarious and so cute. He also wants to lay on top of you and snuggle. When you get home and let him out of his crate, he will jump on you very gently to hug your arm. It’s so precious.

His former foster mom says, "There’s zero doubt in my mind that Sammy is a fantastic dog. His personality and size make him great for an apartment or a house. Sammy wants to please you, and wants a lot of love in return. I am so grateful I got to have him in my home!"

We don't know much about his past, but can only assume he was abused. If you raise your hand to pet Sammy, he flinches initially.

When you first meet him he is very docile, head down, but glad to meet you. Sammy’s temperament is very low key.

Sammy has been around one cat, and he was outside. He did not pay much attention to the cat. We cannot guarantee he's ok with all cats-- some run, some are ready to throw down, some head for the hills and dogs like to chase them. But he didn't seem to mind the one he met.

He is good with female dogs. Sammy has met one male during the time with his foster mom, and they had an altercation, but once "alpha dog" was determined, they were completely fine with each other. So we recommend a meet and greet if an adopter has another dog to make sure they get along and don't play "who's the boss?"

He is pretty mellow- has great energy for an inside dog.

The lab comes out in Sammy when it comes to trashcans. He loves them. He loves to see what's in the kitchen trash, the bathroom trash (you never know what you might find!)

He is housebroken and crate trained. Sammy is kept in a crate when home alone and does quite well. He has never had an accident inside or escaped from his crate.

Sammy is great with both men and women, we'd recommend a home without young kids.

He really just wants pets and attention from his humans.

His favorite play activity: Walks!

Sammy does really well on a leash. He only pulls when he would like to mark his territory. He does not bark at other dogs, but gets excited if a squirrel walks across the road.

Sammy knows how to sit, and almost has "lay down" down! You can say "crate" and he will go to his crate.

He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to find his forever home. Could that be with you?

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