Available in: TX

Color: Black

Sex: male

Age: 1 yrs

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas: Jethro.

This big guy is one year old and weighs 80 lbs. Helllllllooo handsome!

Jethro is a very friendly dog that loves being around people and other dogs in his foster home.

He is tall and goofy and wants to play with everyone he meets. He likes to follow you around and loves to have your attention. He is still puppyish so he wants to be entertained and is great at entertaining!

He likes to chase dogs in the yard (and squirrels) and go on walks, and is great at playing with dogs, taking corrections well and switching between dominant and submissive when playing.

He has started liking being pet more, and may enjoy cuddling once he’s a little lower energy. Jake can be a bit mischievous and stubborn at times, but he will (usually) make you laugh! He will let you know when he wants something (like when he carries and drops his food bowl in front of me because he is still hungry or when he nudges the door handle with his nose at night because he wants to go catch frogs).

He is somewhat afraid of loud noises (he isn’t destructive when scared), but likes to lay in the laundry room and sleep during thunder storms. He is a little bit of a guard dog- he will bark at the strange people next door but will stop when you say hello to them.

He is a funny dog that you will love, but will need some patience with continued training.

Jethro is very friendly with other dogs. He'd probably do best in home with another dog who likes to play. He's got some higher energy puppy power going on right now.

We don't know how he is with cats, but he does have a prey drive for small animals. He likes to catch frogs and large bugs. He also has caught a bird and a turtle (both of which were unharmed and he spit out when his foster mom told him to). He has also chased deer in the yard.

He is housebroken and crate trained, though if there's a lot going on around him he's not a fan of going in his crate.

How is dog “home alone”? He is kenneled when he is home alone and does well. He is a bit too puppyish to be left out of a kennel when people are gone, so he would probably do best in a home where someone is home a lot of the day or could probably do well in doggy daycare.

He loves all people. He hasn’t been around kids in his foster home. The shelter he came from had a video showing him doing well around some 10 year old kids. We'd definitely recommend only older, larger sized kids, since Jethro is kind of a big kid himself.

Jethro has good recall and dabbles in playing fetch.

He loves wrestling and running with other dogs, playing with plush toys, tug-of-war, playing with a ball by himself (he can throw and chase a ball for a long time), chewing on bones, and he likes wrestling.

He normally walks well on leash but he does pull if there is a distraction like a dog or a squirrel. He does bark at other dogs, but it is because he is excited and wants to say hello.

He knows the commands: Sit, lay down, watch me, come here, no, down

Cutest behavior: He is very large and clumsy, so watching him play is funny and cute. He trips and rolls and slides everywhere.

We'd definitely recommend more positive reinforcement training for this sweet big guy. He would probably love group training classes too.

He still has some puppy like behaviors like chewing on things, sometimes he is like Houdini and can somehow open a door by himself :) and we'd recommend a home with a yard versus an apartment setting.

His papers from the shelter note that he can jump fences, however, this has not been the case for as long as he has been with his foster mom. He hasn’t ever tried to jump a fence, even if it was shorter.

Here is a link to a super cute video of him:

Jethro is a diamond in the rough and he would so love to love you! He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at