PawCulture: Ron, a Dog Who No One Wanted, Finds Forever Home

He was the dog no one wanted.

Covered in mange, emaciated and battling multiple conditions (including heartworm), time was almost up for Ron, a middle-aged Labrador Retriever at San Antonio Pets Alive, a high-intake shelter in Texas... (click link to continue)

The Dodo: This Dog Didn't Know Her Entire Life Was About To Change

Millie's final resting place would have been a dumpster in San Antonio, Texas, if someone hadn't found her in the nick of time and called for help.

If she had been left in the dumpster for another hour longer, she may have died, Audra Houghton, field operations supervisor for San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS), told local news outlet KSAT 12... (click link to continue)

KSAT 12: Millie the Dumpster Dog Recovering in ACS Care

SAN ANTONIO - A dog found in a West Side dumpster two weeks ago is well on her way to recovery and a forever home.

San Antonio Animal Care Services rescued Millie, a yellow Labrador retriever, from a dumpster at the corner of Tampico Street and Sandy Court on April 20. ACS staff said she was seizing from heat stroke and would have died within the hour had she not been rescued... (click link to continue)

My SA: 'Millie the Dumpster Dog' is Healing in Foster Care, Facebook Page Shows

A new Facebook page dedicated to Millie, the Labrador retriever who was found left for dead at the bottom of dumpster nearly two weeks ago, tells the dog’s heart-warming recovery story.

According the page, "Millie the Dumpster Dog," the lab is being fostered by a woman named Holly, who is following up with veterinary care, treats and lots of nurturing care for the animal in need... (click link to continue)

WTHR 13: Dogs Rescued from Korean Meat Plant Find New Life in Indiana

Cannon, Nikon and Daisy - two Labradors and a golden retriever - seem to look especially happy and particularly grateful, and it's because they probably are.

"They'll be in a loving home instead of on somebody's dinner plate," said Kathy Martin of Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption in rural Rush County... (click link to continue)

KTLA 5: Indiana Shelter Owner Rescues 3 Canines From Dog Meat Festival in Asia

Two yellow labradors retrievers and a golden retriever were reportedly set be served as food at a dog meat festival in Asia before being brought to U.S. on Saturday by the owner of an Indiana rescue shelter.

"These dogs were supposed to be somebody's dinner and instead they are now here in the United States and they're going to go to great adoptive homes," said Kathy Martin, president of Lucky Lab Rescue, told WRTV... (click link to continue)

CBS Miami: Needy Pets Finding Their Fur-Ever Homes With Help From Social Media

MIAMI (CBS4) – Three to four million dogs and cats are put to sleep in animal shelters across the United States each year.

So now, shelters and rescue groups across the country are using social media to spread the word about pets in need, and the number of people responding is astonishing... (click link to continue)

14 News Special Report: Death Row Rescue

Here's the story of Splash, a very lucky lab.

Splash was on death row at an Evansville animal shelter.

His story is not unique. Three to four million dogs and cats are put to sleep in animal shelters across the country every year... (click link to continue)