Available in: Texas and New England

Color: Black

Sex: Male

Age: 1y

Size: 55lbs

In his foster home, Snoopy lives with three dogs of various temperaments, and three kids, ages 2, 4 and 6. He gets along with all of them, and really adores the kids. He has never shown aggression or reactivity towards anything no matter how chaotic the situation.


Snoopy is like a big puppy! So he's getting daily Miss Manners training and doing well. He is so very smart and eager to please. In only a few days he learned to sit for a treat, wait nicely for his food, go to his crate on command, and refrain from jumping when excited. He would do well with someone who can give him structure and firm guidance, and can continue to teach him boundaries and manners.  Snoopy was cat tested, and although he does not appear to have a lot of experience with cats, he did okay. We can't guarantee he will do well with every cat, sometimes it depends on the cat.


We think would do well with doggie siblings, or as an only dog where he receives lots of love. Snoopy has a medium energy level and enjoys running around the yard as much as lounging around the house.


He happily chews on bones, and has not been destructive or marked. He has a security blanket that he picks up with his mouth and carries around with him, which is pretty adorable. He will bring so much joy to his new home and is just a love to be around. He needs a Linus!


Snoopy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and housebroken.