Available in: TX/NE

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

Age: 9 months

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Drax.


This sweet lab mix is 9-months old and weighs about 56lbs.


Drax was rescued from a shelter in West, Texas after being seized in animal creulty case, reportedly underfed and chained up in back yard.


He's friendly with people and other dogs. He can be a bit shy at times. Drax, happy to be alive, and in a great foster home, has that fantastic puppy energy and he loves to play.


This chocolate colored beauty gets along with everyone in his foster family really well. His current household are two women, two (human :) ) boys, ages 10 and 12, and two large male, adult dogs.


His cutest behavior: When he gets excited, like when you come home, he sometimes bears his teeth in a smile. He likes to eat ice and bite at water from water hose.


His recall is good. He is fast learner and very smart.

He likes chasing toys as well.


Drax favorite play activity: Playing with other dogs. Favorite is tug of war and keep away (total puppy).

He will sit on command.

His foster mom says: He is such a fun puppy, very eager to please.


Drax is a big puppy in training. He does better if you feed him separately from other dogs in the home.

He does well home alone in the crate, which we recommend due to his puppy nature, so nothing gets chewed.

He needs a bit of leash training.


We think he'd do so well and excel in a group pup/dog training class. They're loads of fun as well. And affordable, many local shelters and even Petco's, pet supply stores, etc. offer them. It's fun to see how your dog fits in and compares to the others.


Drax is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, housebroken and ready to go to his forever home.


Apply at www.luckylabrescue.com