Available in: Texas & New England

Color: Yellow

Sex: Female

Age: 1 year

Size: Large

Sadie is about one year old and weighs 40lbs.

Sadie is a happy go lucky pup that enjoys cuddling with her foster parents.

As you can see from her pictures. She loves to smile! She has one ear that sticks up like a radar while her other ear stays flopped down giving her the cutest look.

Sadie gets along well with the two dogs that she is staying with. They are both bigger than here in size, but she still enjoys wrestling with them.

She is starting to show interest in playing fetch with a tennis ball. She may need a smaller ball to actually catch it in the air though. Sadie does well on walks and knows here basic sit and lay down.

Even though Sadie has access to a pool in the crazy Texas heat, she prefers to lay by the pool instead of going in it.

When it comes to eating, Sadie is more of a grazer. She would do well in a home with other dogs that also graze or by herself as she loves to cuddle with her mom or dad.

Sadie does well with children, but not sure how she is around cats. Sadie would be sure to bring a smile to anyone who is around her.

Sadie is potty trained, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.