Available in: NE

Color: Black

Sex: male

Age: 10 months

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Vermont: Hercules.

This beautiful boy is about 8 months old and weighs about 65lbs.

Hercules in an intelligent and playful Lab mix.

He is socialized with other dogs and forms strong bonds with his human companions.

He loves to be outside and is best suited for a couple or family (with older kids) that can provide lots of exercise, structure and routine.

He has mastered heeling while on walks and patiently waits for permission to eat. He would love a home with another dog but prefers no cats.

Hercules is staying at a training center/dog daycare in Rutland County, Vermont, under the Southwestern hook of the state. We'd love to find someone in that area to adopt him so he can continue to visit and work with his trainer that he loves.

He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and housebroken. Apply at www.luckylabrescue.com