Mama Lady

Available in: TX/NE

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 2 yrs

Size: Large

 Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Mamma Lady.

She is a 104-lb cuddle bug who is 2-years-old. Her favorite thing is to be with her people, getting her ears scratched or just lying next to wherever they are. Her next favorite thing is running around the yard with other dogs, and a large rawhide chew is never far from her mouth.

If you are looking for a large dog (she’s about 24” at the shoulder and 27” shoulder to rump) and want lots of kisses, Lady is for you. She is a beautiful black dog with brindle highlights. She is stunning looking!

This gentle giant Lady (nicknamed Mama Lady for her loving care of her 9 puppies, now adopted), has not met anyone she doesn’t love within a few seconds. She plays energetically for a few minutes with her foster canine siblings, and then is ready to lie by her people for most of the day or follow them from room to room. Like many large dogs, she does not feel the need to assert dominance, but goes calmly about her business. A ring of the doorbell or knock at the door elicits only a few barks, then a wait-and-see attitude.

While she does not like kitties, she’s been around dogs from medium to large and is fine with them, and has enjoyed the company of children ages 6 and up (has not been around really small children).

Lady is tall, standing 25 inches at the shoulder, and long – 27 inches from shoulder to rump. She is a bit overweight at 104 lbs., but has promised to work on that. She will sit on command and walks well, but not yet perfectly, on the leash. At 2 years old, she is eager to learn and please and will bond quickly with her people.

She is a sweet dog who wants people to love her as much as she loves them. Her foster parents are quite fond of her and will be happy to discuss her with any serious potential adopters who understand large, tall, and sweet.

Mamma Lady is spayed, vaccinated, housebroken and microchipped. Apply at