Puppy Eduardo 

Available in: Midwest & New England

Color: Fawn

Sex: Male

Age: 8 weeks

Size: Small 

Check out this bunch of puppies.  Talk about gender bias!  Born on 6/25/17, we have 7 males and 2 females in this litter of Heinz 57 puppies.  Mom is said to be a black lab mix and Dad, we are unsure of.  What we can tell you is that these are sweet, well socialized puppies who are ready for adoptive homes who are understanding of all things cute and challenging in regards to raising a puppy.  Jewel & Blu are the female pups.  Tiago, Felipe, Roberto, Eduardo, Rafael, Nico and Pedro are the male pups.  All pups will be expected to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.  We want to stop the cycle of pet overpopulation right here.  Please be aware of the cost to alter a pet when considering the adoption of a puppy.  Lucky Lab Rescue offers a stipend with proof of puppy altering, yet this stipend will not cover the entire cost.  Be prepared financially for what it takes to get a puppy through the first year.  Any time you add a pet to your home there will be expected expenses, such as vaccines, spaying/neutering, monthly heart worm preventative, flea/tick preventative, dog food, leashes, fencing, baby gates, crates, treats and toys.  There will also be unexpected expenses, such as an occasional ear infection, accidental cuts from rough housing and things we don't like to think about like torn ACL's, an unexpected lump, etc.  Think this through.  These adorable puppies are going to shed.  Maybe not day one, yet they will shed.  Will you handle the extra vacuuming with grace?  Regular bathing and brushing will lessen the amount of hair shed in your home.  That takes time, money and commitment to your pet.  These pups deserve a home that will commit to raising them in a positive manner, teaching them appropriate behaviors using positive reinforcement, exercising them daily, socializing them with other people and dogs.  The life expectancy of a large dog, which we believe these will be, is roughly 12-16 years.  That's a commitment.  And we want you to be ready for that.  Still interested?!  We sure hope so...  Look at their wittle faces!!!  Gaaaaaaa...

The Rio2 litter, like all of our puppies, will be vetted appropriately for their age and microchipped.