Available in: TX

Color: Yellow

Sex: Female

Age: 9 months

Size: Small

Up for adoption in Texas: Nikita. So exotic! And mysterious!

LOL this pup is darling. She is about 9 months old and weighs about 36lbs. Perfect pint size Lab mix if you have size restrictions or you're looking for a smaller sized spunky dog.

Nikita is a sweet, bubbly, lover-dog. She LOVES her people. She’s the kind of dog that will follow you to the bathroom every time. Lab lovers know how that goes!

She loves to play with her foster brother and sister, but also loves to snuggle with her people. If Nikita was in a home without other dogs, she would most likely be a total “Velcro-dog”

Nikita understands that kitties are sharp and unpredictable, and keeps clear of them. She is curious about them, but does not chase or bother them. (She will bark at them if they’re blocking her way though.)

Nikita LOVES to play with other dogs. She may initially growl at an unknown dog, but warms up quickly. She does not snap or bite them.

She is medium energy.

Nikita was rescued along with her brother, Saban. Unfortunately, both pups were diagnosed with distemper. Saban didn’t make it, but Nikita’s symptoms were not as severe, and she was able to overcome the disease and seems to be doing great!

She is crate trained and just about housebroken.

Though she doesn't like to sleep in her crate at night, she will cry. She sleeps in the bedroom with her humans and doggy siblings without issue, and would prefer to be on the bed with you.

She's good home alone crated.

Nikita does very well with everyone she has ever met. She sometimes barks at strangers if she can see them from her yard, but is easily and quickly reassured by her humans that they’re OK.

Nikita has been around children and loved -- she doesn’t have issues with extreme jumping or any mouthiness at all.

She comes right when you call her, stays close to her people.

She is interested in fetch, but typically has her game interrupted by a foster siblings, and she just wants to do what her foster brother and sister are doing.

Favorite play activity: Nikita likes to play tug.

She has not spent a lot of time on a leash quite yet. She knows sit and stay

Her foster mom says, when asked what her cutest behavior is:

Cutest behavior: Only one? Not possible! I call Nikita my “little dove” because she coo’s like a dove when she is trying to get her human’s attention. She also lets me know when she is ready to go out in the morning by jumping on the bed, giving me a good snuggle and a few kisses on the face, then jumps back down. Kita will not take no for an answer when she wants pets… She will push her head under your hands and pet herself!

She is a puppy and a bit ornery, but nothing extreme. She will get after things left out and within reach—and things near the edge of a table are within reach. She prefers dog toys and bones.

Nikita is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

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