Available in: Texas & New England 

Color: Yellow 

Sex: Male 

Age: 1 year 

Size: Large 

Meet Murphy! Murphy is an adorable boy. He's about 60lb and 14 months old. He is a handsome toasted marshmallow colored retriever mix.

He is housebroken and knows the words “sit” and “no”. He can play fetch and tug of war. Murphy's not the biggest fan of kennels, but his foster mom puts a blanket over it so he knows it’s time to be quiet-- Murphy just really wants to be with people.

He likes other dogs, but ah, well the cat at his foster's house may look more like a squeaky toy to him-- so cats maybe something to avoid in his forever home, along with geese, or chickens, Murphy says that chickens are more like dinner...

But he LOVES the couch and hanging out with his foster family.

Murphy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He also has a heart murmur and we can provide you with the cardiologist report. Right now he does not need medication or care for it and just needs to be re-evaluated as he grows older. He's just happy go lucky Murphy!