Luna Mae

Available in: TX/NE

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 3 yrs

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Luna Mae.

This pretty girl is about 3 years old and weighs 61lbs. 

Luna is a sweet, wiggly, friendly girl.  She’s never met a stranger and wants to get up close and personal with everyone!          

She is wonderful with other dogs. Her foster family has four other dogs of all ages and sizes she gets along well with all of them and all dogs she has met out and about.

We'd recommend a home without cats for Luna Mae. 

She is a medium energy dog. She will jump around and play sometimes, but is also very happy being a couch potato.

She is house broken and crate trained. When home alone she sleeps on the couch or bed if loose, she is also happy in the kennel.  She has not chewed or damaged anything.

She loves everyone she meets, and particularly loves the children in her foster home, two boys ages 6 and 10. She can’t get enough of them.  She just wants to snuggle with everyone.

Luna Mae typically comes when she's called, sometimes she can get a little spooked and she is hesitant. 

Her favorite play activity: Giving hugs to everyone

Luna does very well on a leash. Her fosters have taken her out of town and camping.  She heels very well, does not pull, and is friendly with the humans, dogs and horses she's met. 

She knows sit and come.  Someone taught her to hug, but we haven’t figured out the cue for that. 

Her cutest behavior: Snuggling and hugging

She is very food driven.  She’s not at all aggressive with her food (can eat next to other dogs, doesn’t growl or snap at people or dogs when eating), but gets really, really excited when she thinks she’s getting food.  She has not stolen anything off the counters or out of the trash. Bonus! 

She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and housebroken. 

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