Available in: TX

Color: Yellow

Sex: Female

Age: 3 yrs

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas: Rosie. 

Rosie is a beautiful Lab mix who is about three years old and weighs 65lbs.

Rosie will be so excited to meet you right when you walk in the door. She may even jump a little (she does less of this now) because she is so happy you are here! 

When you sit on the couch, she will jump right in your lap and wants to be pet/held by you. She is happy to cuddle up with you the whole time you are here. She likes to be close to her people, so she is usually in the same room you are. 

If you take her outside, she will run many laps around the yard and then may play some fetch with you. She likes to go on walks, and could also be a great running buddy. She loves playing with her toys and bones, but once she settles down, she will want to cuddle with you again. She would prefer to sleep on your bed with you at night, but also does fine in a kennel or on the couch. Rosie loves her people more than anything, so whoever adopts her is sure to have a best friend!   

We don't know how she is with cats. 

In regard to other dogs she is generally friendly, but needs slow introductions. 

She gets along great with her foster dog sister and shows no possessive behaviors. They like to carry the ball back together when playing fetch; she also doesn’t care if another dog gets near her when she has food/bones. 

Usually, when she meets a new dog, she tries to be the dominant dog. Her foster parents have been working on this behavior with her. 

The poor dog's teeth are a bit worn down, we think someone may have kept her on a chain or rope and she tried to gnaw on it. So sad. But she eats and seems to be just fine. 

She is medium energy, housebroken and crate trained. 

She loves all people she's met-- but hasn't been around young children toddlers. She'd probably do best in a home with older kids. 

Her recall is very good, she always wants to be close to people! She loves to play fetch and tug-of-war with her foster dog sister.  

She usually walks well on a leash. If there is another dog walking with her, she will try to keep up with them. She does bark at other dogs on walks, but has gotten better. She now only barks if they are really close to us, but she will stay quiet if I pet her.

She knows basic commands: sit, watch, stay, come   

Cutest behavior:  She loves to cuddle, a lot of the time in funny positions    

Rosie is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. 

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