Available in: Texas 

Color: Yellow 

Sex: Female 

Age: 2 years 

Size: Large 

Meet Maddie! 

Maddie is a super-sweet, loving, 2 year old female lab mix who is looking for her forever family. She weights about 50lbs. She is a little shy at first, but she is eager to give her unconditional love to anyone who will accept it.

When Maddie first came to live with her foster family, she was terrified of everything, and spent the first two days “hiding” in her crate, which was her safe space. Since then, she’s learned that new people and noises are not bad, scary things, and she’s slowly becoming more social. Once she gets ear-scratches from a new “stranger,” she’s their BFF for life.

She is most content when snuggling with her two-legged family on the couch, and she enjoys watching TV! The way she crosses her paws like a proper lady when sitting at leisure is adorable! She has a calm demeanor and is pretty chill, right up until dinnertime, when she leaps for joy at the sight of her food bowl – dinnertime is the highlight of her day.

Maddie stays in her crate at night and when home alone. She is not destructive when free-roaming, although she does get bored when crated and appreciates having a fun toy or heavy-duty chew to keep her occupied.

She is smart and eager to please (she began to pick up the basics of the "sit" command on her very first day of training), and she is learning to ring a string of bells on the back door to ask to go outside (and she has not had a single accident in the house)!

Maddie is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is a snuggle-bug of a dog who just needs a loving and patient forever family who is willing and able to help boost her confidence and reassure her that she's safe and loved! She would do better in a home without small kids or other dogs.