Available in: TX/NE

Color: Fawn

Sex: male

Age: 6 months

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Gibbs.

Gibbs is a total sweetie pie. He is about six months old and weighs 40lbs.

Gibbs has never met a stranger!

He is so excited to meet new people and dogs! We don't know how he is with cats. But with dogs he is

great with pooches of all sizes, very submissive.

He's pretty chill too.

Gibbs is house trained, and we are working on ringing the bell when he needs to go out.

As of now he will just go and sit by the front door, so we are working on making sure he is 'louder' or more assertive when he needs to go outside.

Gibbs has shown major improvement in the crate area. He will go to the crate when he is told and does well sleeping in it at night; although, he prefers to sleep with his humans.

Gibbs will stay in his crate during the day, although he does not like being left alone in it.

Gibbs has never been left home alone out of his crate but does wonderfully when people are home.

This dog would do better going to dog daycare or being adopted by someone who works from home and can hang out with him.

He has not been exposed to kids that we know of.

Gibbs is not very interested in toys or fetching. However, every now and then he will lay down and chew on a toy/show it attention. He loves chew bones and toys.

While Gibbs does know how to walk on a leash and does not pull, he likes to do his business and go back inside. He is not fond of walking places he is unfamiliar with.

He is more scared on leash than off; however, he has not yet mastered coming when called but he never strays far from his humans/fellow dog companion.

Gibbs has mastered sit, shake, crate & drop it. We are still working on lay, come, and down.

Cutest behavior: Gibbs is the biggest cuddler. This guy is one of the sweetest dogs his fosters have ever met which is hard for them to say considering their own bias towards their own dogs. He loves to lay around with his humans.

Gibbs has gotten use to playing with his mouth while playing with other dogs and will sometimes grab your hand or arm for attention with his mouth. While it is never hard, it is a negative behavior we are working on. Since he still has some puppy play skills we'd recommend he only goes to a home with older kids or adults. We just never want something misinterpreted or a young child getting scared.

He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.