Available in: TX/NE

Color: brown

Sex: Female

Age: 3 yrs

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Lola.

This beautiful girl is about 3 years old and weighs 60lbs. 

Lola is shy around new faces, but warms up as soon as you play fetch with her! She can be kept busy with toys and treats!  

Lola seems fine with other dogs with slow introductions.  We aren't sure how she is with cats.     

She is medium energy. Lola loves to play fetch and run around the yard, and can chill out next to you while watching TV.     

Lola ca be shy at first and slow to warm up to new faces, so she needs some calm and patience, but she's been good with men and women.

She hasn’t done any counter-surfing and she is house and crate trained.     

Lola seems fine home alone. Lola comes when called or whistles     

She LOVES to play fetch – will do it for hours!     

Her foster parents are working on the "sit" command with her. 

Her cutest behavior: Her love of her squeaky balls, and how she hops when she’s excited to be outside.     

Her foster mom says:  From my limited experience with dogs, Lola acts like she has experienced some abuse in her past. She has taken a while to warm up to me, and can still be skittish at times, or with loud noises. She is like a different dog outside playing fetch, though. Happy as a clam! She does have times that she will cuddle and is the sweetest girl. She loves to play, and I know that once she feels safe she will be the best dog. When she’s been around other dogs, she seems to have more confidence and isn’t as fearful. I think she will do much better in a home with other dogs, and with a family (with older kids if there's children in the home) who is home a lot and can spend time and play with her.       

She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at