Available in: TX

Color: Black

Sex: male

Age: 1 yrs

Size: LArge

Dear Texas, We have the MOST special boy up for adoption: JAX.

He was on death's door after he was hit by a car, but he is so kind, loving and sweet the animal control officer who found him, and the shelter staff could not euthanize him.

So they thought, "What can we do? Oh, I know, call Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption! They're suckers for labs in need!" :)

The shelter said, "We have some video to show you and we are praying you can save Jax. Everyone who meets him just sees the joy in his eyes and his will to live, even when he's in pain. This is the video they sent us:


Yup, we saw it and we were like, "Um, holy moly! Okay, we'll give him a try." Lucky Lab worked with a great orthopedic surgeon in Austin and Jax had surgery to help fix him up. He's been in an amazing foster home and he is adored. Now it's time for Jax to get his own family and keep up his rehab and grow.

Jax is a 1-year old, 50 lb., black lab mix. He is a joyful and affectionate dog who enjoys playing with other dogs.

Jax would do better with older children as he's still a young lab himself. He still has some of the young lab likes to chew on things phase in him but that can be worked on. He does best crated home alone.

He is house trained, neutered and vaccinated.

Jax had a severe break on his right front leg and paralysis on the left front leg. In three months, he’s made an amazing start in his recovery. He has gained full use of his right leg and full function of his left leg.

He has some remaining loss of feeling on the left side of his left paw. He is currently walking on his left knuckle instead of using the full paw. He will use that paw to play and hold treats.

Jax needs help in the next phase of his recovery. His right leg needs more activity to continue to stimulate bone growth around his repair. This activity need to be on grass and soft surfaces to avoid injury to his left knuckle. Water therapy or swimming would also be great for Jax! As his leg is still healing, he needs to be careful to not jump down from furniture and avoid rough play with other dogs.

He is seeking a foster or foster to adopt home that can focus on increased activity for his recover.

We'd love to talk to you more about Jax! Just apply at www.luckylabrescue.com