Available in: Texas/NE

Color: Yellow

Sex: Male

Age: 14 months

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Kanuk. We are hoping Kanuk will soon get an amazing forever home soon! He keeps getting passed over and is so sad! 

Kanuk is a wonderful loving, adorable, incredibly cute and sweet dog, he just gets around the best using a doggie wheelchair. 

Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption saved this pup. Kanuk had some sort of spinal cord injury and he can walk, but not for great distances. So when he's on the go, he uses this special cart donated to Lucky Lab. (Kanuk is a male, he just doesn't know his cart is pink, but he sure loves it!) 

Kanuk is doing water physical therapy to improve his back leg strength with his amazing foster mom. Medical experts the rescue consulted with do not think he's a good candidate for surgery unfortunately. 

He's about 14 months old, loves people, loves other dogs and is so well natured. He participated in a doggie themed wedding event and was even live on local TV in Austin and did a fabulous job! Kanuk just needs a home to call his own and a family to treasure him. 

When Kanuk isn't in his wheelchair he wears cute booties to protect his feet. These videos show how he gets around and loves to play with other dogs:




He weighs about 40lbs, he's neutered, vaccinated, housebroken and microchipped. Kanuk is currently in the Austin area, he can be adopted anywhere in Texas and the rescue would consider other locations depending on the application. 

Kanuk was also featured in this Dodo article:



If you want to get more information please apply at www.luckylabrescue.com  Let's get this boy a home