Available in: TX

Color: Fawn

Sex: male

Age: 1 yrs

Size: LArge

Look into my eyes I'm Boudreaux and I'd love nothing more than to be your best friend. I'm up for adoption in Texas.

I'm a year old and larger sized.

I’m Boudreaux aka Boudy, Bouds, Boudalicious, Chunky Monkey. I’m a most special, sensitive male Labrador mix and ready to go to my FUR-ever home.

I love dogs, am indifferent to cats and take a bit to warm up to new people, once I do, look out!

I’ll be in love! Especially with people who give me massages, walks and hikes on the trails and let me snooze beside them on the couch and bed.

I have a favorite spot on my belly and right behind my ears that I like to get rubbed. When that happens, I make a funny sound because it feels so good!

I need a house full of soft beds, people who like snuggles and yummy treats! I’d really love a furry brother or sister to pass the time with since I have lots of energy and miss my sister.

I'd love to be part of your family and know what these forever families are I keep hearing about.

Those adoption papers you sign? I hope they say "Boudreaux" on them.

I'm neutered (that wasn't a fun day, they told me I was going to get tutored... nope, neutered), vaccinated, microchipped and housebroken.

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