Daisy Mae

Available in: TX

Color: Yellow

Sex: Female

Age: 2 yrs

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas: Daisy Mae.

She is about 2-years-old and weighs about 62lbs.

Daisy Mae is white with a few tan highlights, including a cute spot on her head that is almost heart-shaped.

Daisy Mae loves being outside, just lying in the sun or shade, but is also happy inside supervising the making of her dinner or the scratching of her ears. And when she gives you that look – with her one eye outlined in black, and the other in pink, well, you just know she wants to play.

Once Daisy Mae warms up to you she is a doll.

We saved Daisy Mae from a shelter where she had a broken leg for at least two weeks. After working with one of our vets the break healed on its own and she's doing really well. She has a slight limp from time to time but it doesn't slow her down... just ask the squirrels around her foster family's yard! She keeps them on the run.

She also loves chasing and playing with the dogs in her foster home.

Daisy Mae also enjoys going for a walk, but needs a bit more leash training, and is sometimes suspicious of other dogs on a leash.

She prefers not to have another dog bother her while she’s eating, and immediately goes to an available indoor x-pen to wait for her breakfast or dinner.

She has not had an accident in the house or attempted to chew anything she shouldn’t. She rides in a car like a pro.

Daisy's ideal home would be one with adults and or older children, she likes calm and chill.

Daisy Mae is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and housebroken.

Apply at www.luckylabrescue.com