Available in: MW/NE

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 7-8 yrs

Size: Large


She's been called Lil' Mama since she came from an overcrowded backyard breeder. She is gentle, playful, and so very sweet! Cat, dog, deer, squirrel, man, woman, and kid friendly! She meets dogs with playful anticipation - especially considering her age! The vets think she is around 7 or 8. At a petite 55 pounds she will meet all of your needs. She loves to cuddle up on the couch - although she never gets up unless invited. She is the perfect walking buddy and will even carry her own leash in her mouth and stay close. She will keep an eye on you around the house - following you from room to room. She has learned to sit very quickly with the expectation of a treat afterwards. Count her in for a car ride as she loves feeling the breeze flapping her ears. 

Pampering day couldn't be easier with this lovely pooch! She doesn't mind getting her nails trimmed, but of course she does want a treat after each paw!! She stands very still for a hose bath and LOVES the towel off part! Once she knows you this dog will tolerate anything with love in her eyes. Want to pick her up and hold her like a baby - she's fine with that. Want to turn her on her belly - ok. She just wants your love and attention. 

Like any lab she is a chow hound. Sitting like a pretty princess she will gobble her food as fast as she can. On a walk she can sniff out a BBQ in the neighborhood with the best of them! Ears perked and tail straight she wonders why she isn't invited! She did one time shamefully counter surf and get her paws on a tasty bag of tortilla chips. She was remorseful and hasn't taken advantage since but, honestly, I wouldn't put it past her. She is a lab after all! She comes when called and responds very quickly to "kiss kiss" sounds. 

Fetching is not her specialty and she doesn't show much interest in toys - unless she is with her dog pals in which case she will chase and play tug with the best of them. She keeps up with her 1 year old lab pal for a few hours of playing but enjoys a nice long rest after!! She does have a peanut butter chew bone that she earned after she chewed one of her foster family’s flip flops. Since receiving her bone she hasn't chewed on any other shoes. 

Lil Mama is spayed, housebroken, heart worm negative, on monthly preventatives, and up to date on all vaccines. This sweet girl just wants to give and receive love. She has been around every sort of person and animal and shows no issues. Her foster Mom thinks she would be a perfect fit for any type of family! Elderly person/s living alone need a companion? Couple wanting to expand their pack? Kids want their first dog? Family with other animals? Lil' Mama fits the bill!!

If you are interested in adopting, please visit www.luckylabrescue.com and complete an adoption application. Indicate “Lil Mama” in the notes section.