Available in: TX

Color: Black

Sex: male

Age: 2 yrs

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas: Bruno.

This beautiful boy is about two-years-old and weighs 55lbs.

His foster mom has the most wonderful write up about him:

He is very sweet and loving. If you are sitting down you can be sure he will come and put his front paws and chest on you and give you a “hug” looking for attention. He would be a lap dog if he could! He is slowly learning how to be a dog.

When I first got him he didn’t know he could lay on a bed or couch, now he will snuggle with you all day long. He had probably never seen a lake before because he was really hesitant to get in the water but once my dog got in and was playing around Bruno slowly started to work up the courage to dip his feet in. Now he runs in and out and has a blast at the beach! He has definitely improved on-leash walking and “sit” since I’ve had him. Basically, he is a big happy guy that wants to be the star of attention all the time. He is a fast learner but can be a little stubborn at times, it helps that he is treat motivated though!

Bruno has mixed with cats. If they are calm and still he will go up and sniff and then leave them alone. If they start running he wants to chase them. He has been accidentally left unattended with the cats and they didn’t seem hurt or anything so I think he just wants to play. I would recommend a house with an older calm cat. He has a high chase drive for anything that is running, even a full-size buck deer!

He is great with other dogs! It doesn’t matter how big or small or gender he just wants someone to play with!

I would say he is high on the energy scale. I take him running for 20 minutes every day morning and evening and he never really seems to get tired. If everyone else in the house is sleeping he will eventually lay down and nap but he would rather be running around and playing.

Bruno is an escape artist. He will get out of a crate unless it is really, really secure. I have had to go up to 3 carabiners on the crate door to hold him in. Unfortunately, he has pretty severe separation anxiety and if he gets out of the crate he will try to go through any barrier to try to find his people. Including doors. As for the crate, I would recommend not putting an expensive bed in there, just an old blanket as he will likely chew it up.

He also sometimes eats inanimate objects, whole, cat toys for instance. So he probably needs to be watched pretty carefully when small items are around.

He is also a counter surfer and will go through the kitchen trash.

(We have great trainers who can help work with you, a lot of this is very fixable!)

When I first got him he had an issue with resource guarding (over my attention) and tried to start a fight with my own dog. However, he stopped immediately once I yelled and got up and only did that a couple of times in the first few days and hasn’t since.

He is housebroken and somewhat crate trained. If you can get him in the crate and get it secured he will eventually quiet down and sleep in there for a few hours. He doesn’t really like it though so I would recommend him to go to a family where someone is home often and he doesn’t have to be crated too much.

He is good with everyone he meets. There was one of our male friends that he met that he barked at first but never growled or anything and settled down quickly. Otherwise, he is very friendly.

He doesn’t always come right away when he is called but after a little coaxing, he will make it back to you. He does like to explore and smell new things!

He does not seem to know what to do with toys yet. Every once in a while when my own dog is playing with a toy he will try to grab it and play with it for a second or two but then loses interest. He likes to chase my dog while my own dog is playing fetch but he doesn’t seem interested in a ball or frisbee at all.

He loves to run.

When I first got him he did not walk well on a leash but he is getting better. He will still pull if he seems something to chase. He does not seem to be leash aggressive at all.

He knows sit and we had to work on waiting to be released to go through a door because he was really bad at bolting through all the time. He will now sit and wait for the “free” command to be released.

He will “hug” you when you sit down to get attention. He also howls sometimes when he is really happy.

Bruno is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at