Sissy Grace

Available in: TX

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 1 yrs

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas: Sissy Grace.

This beautiful girl is stunning!  She is about one-year-old and has a gorgeous coat. She weighs about 47 pounds.

Sissy Grace is a shy dog who needs time to warm up to people. Once she has settled in with her new surroundings her bubbly and curious personality comes out. She is a lover and enjoys showing affection.   

Sissy loves to play with dogs of all sizes after a slow meet and greet. Sissy plays with her foster brother or other dogs and loves to chase, wrestle, or playing tug of war.       

We aren't sure how she is with cats. 

She is a medium energy dog. She settles in nicely with a chew toy or for a cuddle after she gets her exercise, play time with other dogs, or walks.

Sissy Grace is house trained.

We'd recommend a home with adults or adults and older children for her. She does tries to nibble a bit when she's over excited but responds to "no" and stops. 

When she gets very excited and plays with other dogs, or even people, she takes cues well and is extremely passive and respectful when signaled by other dogs or humans.

She sleeps in her crate and is fed in her crate. Will “kennel up" for you.

When she is home alone she is left in crate when unsupervised. She loves to pick up and chew items left on ground in toy box. She may test her limits with non-dog items which is why we crate. She listens when told no.

She is good with men and women after she has time to warm up to them. She needs time to observe new friends and is very cautious with greetings and hesitant till she has had a chance to check individuals out. 

She has pretty good recall and loves to chase after her foster brother playing catch. 

Favorite play activity: Loves carrying toys out of toy box to chew on in yard. She enjoys wrestling with foster brother and chasing after him while he plays ball. Will get zoomies and run around yard with a toy.

Sissy Grace walks great on a leash. She doesn’t pull and walks in step with you. She doesn’t bark and remains calm. She gets excited when you ask if she wants to go on a walk or get a leash but she will sit down when told so you can get her leash on.

Sissy knows sit, kennel up, come, inside, potty and down. She knows leave it also and responds to verbal tone well. She knows her name is Sissy and knows the word “treaty."

Cutest behavior:  Sissy loves to jump up and cuddle on the couch.  She enjoys giving kisses. She watches you with intense curiosity and once she is comfortable with you/other dogs she wants to be close and play or hang out.

Sissy Grace is a loving, loyal dog. She would be great with another dog family or in a home where someone is home a lot. Once she is familiar with her surroundings she gains confidence and will adapt. She is a beautiful girl who will make a great companion for someone willing to wait for her to develop trust in them.

She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at