Available in: TX/NE

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 2 yrs

Size: Large


Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Kimber.


Kimber is supposedly 2 years old, estimated by her playful energy and evidence of having puppies in the past. She is 40lbs.


And she's smart. She stayed with one of our fosters who is a dog trainer and she was impressed with Kimber. So we gave Kimber a laptop and she typed this out. Very impressive!


"Hi there!


My name is Kimber. I am a black Labrador retriever mix. I love people and animals both big and small. I fall right in the middle at 40lbs full grown. My vet likes to call me a forever puppy for my petite size and bright eyes. I might not be a heavy weight champion or a teacup pup, but I sure do make a good cuddle buddy on the couch!


My fosters transferred me from a shelter in San Antonio to temporary homes in Austin, and I am very excited by this city. Walking by the lake, on new trails, or around the block helps keep a smile on my face. Some say I’m a pro loose-leash walker. Let’s do some exploring together!


Worry not, I am potty trained to go outside. No accidents in the house. The home is where the heart is, not the naughty waggle of the finger. Believe me, I have lots of love to share. Please give me tons of belly rubs.


Humans seem to be bamboozled by my age. I tell them it’s beauty sleep and exercise that keeps me looking young. Don’t expose my secret, but I am about 2 years old.


Coming from a shelter, my backstory gets a little foggy. It was full of adventure and maybe some puppies. Tiny ones to take care of cramped my style. The shelter vet promised me one and done. I am spayed now. I still have some motherly wisdom to grace my owners with, such as “A walk in the morning is better when followed by a walk in the afternoon”.


Will you be my fur-ever home? Let’s transform the Kimpossible to a reality. You can make a Kimpact on this little sweetheart’s life.


Hugs and kisses,



She is also vaccinated, microchipped and ready to find her forever home. Apply at