Fuffy Molly

Available in: Texas & New England 

Color: Black 

Sex: Female 

Age: 7 years 

Size: Large 

Her foster mom wrote us this wonderful bio about Fluffy Molly:

"Fluffy Molly is hands-down, the sweetest dog I have ever met. Everyone who meets her loves her! She has a quiet disposition (hasn’t barked once in the three weeks I have had her,” and wags her tail constantly. She loves to meet people and likes other dogs (gets along well with our eleven-year-old Westie). She will follow you around, and nap at your feet or curl up on her cushion nearby. She thrives on TLC; she will put her head under your hand for a scratch, or just look at you adoringly with her big brown eyes.

She’s housetrained, leash trained, and knows, “sit” and “stay." She doesn’t have any separation anxiety, doesn’t bark (as I mentioned), doesn’t dig, and doesn’t chew. She does not run away if I let her in the front yard. She does not seem to need much exercise—a walk around the block is all she needs.

She has Border Collie in her, (we think), so she is very smart. She has had a few one-on-one lessons with a trainer and learns very quickly. Like most Border Collies, she will bond to her primary caretaker. She has been fine with the older children we’ve met. I couldn’t say about young children or toddlers; I suspect that being part Border Collie, she would not be a big fan. She also seems to want to chase cats, but not too vigorously.

Like many dogs in this area, she has some grass allergies. Benadryl twice a day alleviates the symptoms. She is vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. If you need a quiet, intelligent, loving companion, Fluffy Molly is perfect!