Available in: Midwest & New England

Color: Black

Sex: Male

Age: 10 years

Size: Male 

My name is Forrest, and the vet thinks I am around 10 years old, judging by my teeth and arthritis. She also thinks I could have several wonderful years ahead of me now that my pain is under control and as long as my forever family continues to manage my aches! Besides my arthritis, I can't hear much at all, and my vision is hazy, but that doesn't stop me from loving life! My lab work came back clear: no kidney, liver, or thyroid issues that showed up. I do need a home who will commit to managing my arthritis and keeping my Lab appetite in check so I don't get too pudgy! I do enjoy a little walk a couple of houses down, but I can't go much further, so no jogging for me!

My foster family says I am a smart guy who may just hold the record for a foster for figuring out the dog door. I get along with every dog I've met, and I'm a happy-go-lucky dude, who enjoys squeaky toys and rolling on the floor. I really enjoy taking all of the toys out of the toy box right after you put them away. If you think I'm an old dog who just lies around like a lump, you'd be wrong. While I'm not running around like I probably did in my younger days, and I can't hear or see much, I LOVE getting a little "frisky" after I eat breakfast and dinner. Then, I take a little snooze on one of the many dog beds that I have claimed in the house (may foster family calls it my "throne." I also love my people, and I like to be your shadow. I would be great with other dogs or as a single dog because it's the people I care about! I usually just play with my squeaky toys or balls while the young whipper snappers wrestle around, and it doesn't bother me at all to have young ones around.

I would prefer to be in a house with a dog door or where someone is home a lot, since I can't hold my bladder as long as I used to. I would be great for someone who works from home or who is retired. I have not been cat tested, but I am very interested in my foster family's bird when he flies around; though I do not actively stalk him, I would not mind it if he flew into my mouth. I am very good-natured, so I would probably learn quickly to leave the cat alone, and I probably can't even chase one.