Available in: TX/NE

Color: Brown

Sex: Female

Age: 1.5 yrs

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Sweet Selena! This dog is adorable and kind.

She is about 1.5-years-old and weighs about 43lbs.

The shelter we saved Selena from gave her extra time to be saved by a rescue because she is such a doll!

She is a gorgeous chocolate brown with pure white socks.

Selena is as sweet as they come. She loves being scratched and petted. So far, she has had nothing but friendly interactions with small dogs, big dogs, kids and adults. She is submissive but sometimes doesn’t know her own strength. If allowed, she would be happy to join you on the couch for a nice cuddle.

She may have been hit by a car before being rescued and can’t bend one of her rear legs at the knee. This limits her ability to jump but it doesn’t hurt her or slow her down at all. In fact, it is not unusual for her to run full speed all over the yard. She also has the cutest little army crawl scoot when moving short distances on the carpet. Our vet told us to just let her be, there was nothing that could be done for it because it was an old injury.

We also think she was a mamma dog in the past.

She certainly loves to be out in the backyard, but she is just as happy to go back inside afterward. When she is ready she will patiently wait by the back door to be let in. While she can bark, she typically chooses not to while exploring outdoors.

She has adapted to her foster home quickly and she is improving on her walks. She is very smart and picks up commands and limits quickly.

She would do best in an active home with a backyard where she can run out her extra energy and continue to work on her training.

She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

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