Available in: TX/NE

Color: Yellow

Sex: Male

Age: 7 yrs

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texa and New England: Cooper.

This gorgeous boy weighs about 75 lbs and is somewhere in the ballpark of 7-ish or so years old. We've had different opinions from different vets ranging from 5 to 10 years old. So we're picking the middle number.

Cooper is a friendly, outgoing guy with a laid back personality. He's never met a stranger and wants to be friends with everyone.

We don't konw how he is with cats, but in his foster home he's great with other dogs. He loves the four dogs he lives with! He gets along well with all of them and all dogs he has met out and about.

He's pretty chill in terms of his energy level. He loves to go on adventures with you, but is very laid back and quiet inside.

Prior to Cooper being neutered he had an enlarged prostate, oh the joy of getting old as a man... but the vet told us that wasn't a concern.

He may have some hearing loss, sometimes he seems to hear fine, other times it seems like he doesn't hear things.

The writer of this bio is taking the liberty of attributing that to two things:

1. Too many 80's band rock concerts. It was a really fun decade. The music was happy, upbeat and full of synthesizers. His favorite song is "Hungry Like the Wolf."

2. "Selective hearing," a phenomena Lab owners know about. Call a dog when they don't feel like coming and "they don't hear you..." But open the fridge while they're sleeping and all of a sudden they wake up, (miraculously) and run into the kitchen to see if that plastic wrap they hear opening means they can have what you're eating.

He is housebroken and crate trained.

While he is home alone he sleeps on a dog bed, in his kennel, or on an ottoman. His fosters often come home to see him attempting to put "1st Wave Sirius Radio" on their iPad. Because he wants to take in those Rock Over London days, where it all started.

He does not retrieve but loves to carry around and chew on tennis balls. Yup, Cooper likes to chew up tennis balls. Hey, as long as it's not your shoes, just be happy.

He loves everyone he meets. He lives with 6 and 10 year old boys and he loves the attention from them. He just wants love from everyone.

Cooper walks nicely on a leash. When you first start out, he will pull a little bit, but stops pulling quickly. He is friendly to everyone he meets (people, dogs). He does not bark at other dogs.

He knows how to sit and shake, but isn't always interested in showing them off

Cutest behavior: Gazing at you while he gets petted. He likes to smile and loves all attention.

He is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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