Available in: TX

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 8 months

Size: Small 

This poor dog, Marie, who is a mere pup, has been STUCK in a BOARDING facility in Texas! She needs a foster or adopter ASAP in TEXAS. Every night she goes to sleep wishing she could live in a home, not a kennel. Look at that spark in her eyes!

Marie between 8-12 months old and weighs about 55lbs.

Marie loves people and is very affectionate she wants a forever home so much! Marie would love to just jump right in your lap and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.

She is playful too.

She has the cutest long whiskers on her face that makes her so adorable.

Marie would do better for now in a home with no dogs, or submissive dogs. She just needs some more time to warm up and socialize with dogs over time. We think she would totally thrive in positive reinforcement training! She deserves a break !

Marie is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and kennel trained.