Available in: Midwest

Color: Yellow

Sex: Female

Age: 3 yrs

Size: Large


Hello, my name is Lucy.  I am a two to three-year-old smaller 55-pound yellow lab mix.  Although you may think you can guess what I am mixed with, I'm likely just a Heinz 57 with the predominant characteristics of a Labrador.  Does it really matter though?  All you need to know is that I am quiet, sweet & loving.  And soft.  I'm very soft.  Just look at my face and my stance.  I just want a family to love me.  Whatever that may look like.  Keep me indoors as part of the family.  Go for walks or hiking maybe.  I can be a bit timid until I am used to my environment, so know that it normally takes around 12 weeks for me to settle into my new home.  What is fun, and rewarding, is watching as I become familiar and grow to learn I am in my forever home.  It truly is a transformation worth every second.  I am also house trained, bonus...  Know that sometimes, not all the time, a little accident may occur as I learn which door I am supposed to approach to ask to go outside.  Not that I've had an accident lately, it just can sometimes happen when we transition to our new home.  That's why it's always good to use the same door, at least while I am learning my house manners at your house.  Dogs and people are cool with me, as are respectful older children.  I love treats and will sit nicely for one, or two...maybe three.  If you would like to continue my obedience training that would be great, as long as you practice positive reinforcement.  Walking on a leash will need continued practice, but I do okay with that now.  So...teachable moment.  You may see a little black coloring here and there on my tongue.  Dark spots on the tongue are common among a wide variety of breeds. 38 breeds of dogs are prone to developing spots on their tongue. So, the next time you hear someone say that dogs with spotted tongues are part Chow you can tell them that those spots aren’t exclusive to Chows.  Labradors are one of the breeds prone to having black spots, yet there are many, many others.  If you would like to adopt a dog that is young, but not so young that you have to go through the puppy stage, which if you ask me is THE best of both worlds, ask about me.  I'm interested in meeting you.  But remember, this is forever.

Lucy is spayed, heartworm negative, up-to-date on all vaccinations including rabies and she is micro-chipped. She has been kept on heartworm and flea and tick preventative. If interested in this sweet little girl, please complete our online application and indicate Lucy in the notes section.