Available in: NE

Color: Black

Sex: Female

Age: 3 yrs

Size: Large 

> Vada was returned to us from her adopters.  Returns do not always make sense to us, yet we try our best to be as understanding as possible.  Vada is a Heinz 57.  You can try to guess what breed she may be, yet sometimes it just comes down to them being too little of any one thing to nail it down.  I think some people call that a "designer dog".  Yes, Vada is a Designer Dog.  Louise Vada.  LV for short.  Vada Kors.  VK for short.  Tori Vada.  TV for short.  Ha!  TV.  I digress...  When you meet Vada you will find that she is friendly, curious, gentle and happy.  She is well socialized with other dogs.  Vada would be considered medium to high energy, so regular exercise and play should be scheduled in to her day. She is housebroken, good with adults and has no experience with children.  That doesn't mean she is not good with children, it just means to date we have not seen her interact with children.  That can be arranged.  Vada is known to be very interested in little creatures scurrying about the yard, such as squirrels, rabbits, etc.  This is not an uncommon characteristic of any dog, yet please be sure you don't have such creatures as pets in your household.  No rabbits.  No guinea pigs.  No small scurrying animals.  On that note:  should you ever have a mouse problem in your home, Vada to the rescue!  We might want to avoid cats in her final adoptive home, just the same.  Vada loves to chase balls and play with toys.  Sometimes she will bring the ball back.  Sometimes she won't.  Vada will need continued work on leash training.  We believe she may have been started on a Gentle Leader in her previous home.  We like Gentle Leaders.  Positive reinforcement training methods are highly encouraged.  If you have not heard of this training method, please read up on it.  Vada knows how to sit, stay and down.  Continued practice will ensure she remembers these commands going forward.  Vada's cutest behavior is when she "asks" to play or for your affection.  She is a healthy, happy, loving dog.  I mean...check out those ears.  Know that when it comes to other dogs, Vada has tried out some of her best "top dog" behaviors and when the dogs in her foster home corrected her, she immediately stopped.  This is what you want in a dog!  For sure.  Vada is secure and confident, yet is eager to please.  She takes redirection well and she wants to bond with people.  This is it.  Final Sale.  We are not going to allow anyone to commit to this dog again, and return her.  She deserves better than that!  Vada is a great dog.  So, so smart.  You can just see it in her eyes.  Top of her class.  No doubt!!  Again, by report of previous owner, Vada has a high prey drive.  Not unusual.  Something runs.  Dog chases it.  It's called instinct.
> Side Note:  In all seriousness, our dogs are ALWAYS welcome back here at "the ranch" if things don't work out with an adopter.  Know that we are here to support all of our adopters with any issues or concerns that arise and we can normally work through things.  Bumps in the road are to be expected.  You are now part of the Lucky Lab community.  We are here to help!  But, you get the just of our point above...  Enough is enough.  Vada wants forever.
> Vada is altered, microchipped and has been kept on heartworm and flea and tick preventative. If you would like to give her a forever home please complete our on line application and list Vada in the notes section