Anna Banana

Available in: TX/NE

Color: Chocolate

Sex: Female

Age: 2-3 yrs

Size: Large

Beauty Queen up for adoption in Texas and New England: Ana Banana.
Ana Banana is about 2-3 years old and weighs about 60lbs. 
She is a beautiful chocolate lab mix.

Ana Banana is a bright, beautiful, and sweet girl that loves going on adventures and spending as much time outside as she can. She loves squeaky toys, playing fetch, swimming, and running laps in the yard with our dogs and they have the best time chasing each other. She loves jumping for joy (literally!) when she's excited to see you or when we go to grab her leash for a walk. She does not jump onto you though, just up and down all silly like Tigger. Ana's tail swings around in a circle like a helicopter when she's happy which makes us laugh every time! Ana is great at simple commands like sit, stay, and paw. She gets along great with dogs large and small. She's become best friends with the corgi/lab pup at her foster's home and follows her wherever she goes. They eat, sleep, and play together nicely! Not sure how she is in direct contact with cats. She is great around her foster's neighbors kids and loves when they come over to pet her.

We are working on Ana's leash skills. She tends to get over excited on walks and pulls a bit, even on a no-pull harness. She likes to explore at a running pace, which makes her a fantastic running buddy!

Ana is great at sharing and taking turns with toys and loves playing tug of war with our dogs as well as with us. At first she was a bit unsure, insecure, and protective when it came to her toys and food, but she quickly overcame that and does not show any signs of food or toy aggression now that she has confidence and trusts us. She has become a part of our little tribe!

A slow introduction with her and other dogs is highly suggested during the initial adjustment period. Supervision during feedings and toy time is needed during the first few weeks with other dogs in the home. Once she becomes accustomed to the feeding schedule, her worriedness for her next meal diminishes. The only time she shows any sign of defensiveness is when she is in her crate with a new toy and one of our dogs approaches and wants to take it. She seems to feel a sense of vulnerability in her kennel, especially if there is a toy with her. But she does well in her crate and doesn't bark when she goes inside it. We only crate her for short periods of time if we need to run out to do an errand. We play lullaby music for her so she knows she can relax and take a nap as we'll be back soon. She sleeps perfectly well outside of her kennel alongside our dogs at night.

Ana is beautiful inside and out! She is a gentle soul with so much love to give. She would make a great companion for anyone who loves being outdoors! She also loves relaxing nights on the couch watching TV. She wants to be where you are!


Ana is crate trained, housebroken, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at