Available in: MW/NE

Color: Chocolate

Sex: Male

Age: 5 yrs

Size: Large 


I'm five.  Everyone asks, so I'm just going to throw it out there.  Five of an average 12-16 year life span.  That's a lot of days of loving, playing, walking and snuggling for you and I.  You know what I'm not?  I'm not a puppy.  So...basically five is about as perfect of an age as you can get when thinking of acquiring a dog like me.  Plus I'm chocolate.  Who doesn't like chocolate?  Psssttt...please don't FEED me chocolate.  Not good not good.  So, here's the low down on me.  I'm about 60 pounds, but a little too thin.  I'm working on gaining a little weight but we had to get rid of these pesky heartworms first.  Don't worry that won't affect me at all going forward.  Just give me those monthly snacks that keep those from becoming a problem, please.  Okay, so I am low to medium energy, which means I am a great walking, hiking, kayaking companion.  And when I say kayaking I don't mean white water, I mean the cruising kind of kayaking where we don't paddle much, and you share your lunch and I play in the water and stuff.  I will play when you play.  And I'll chill when you chill.  Thing is, they say I have a high prey drive.  What that means is when I see something run, like a squirrel, a cat, maybe a small I go to chase it.  So, it's probably best if you don't have small creatures in your home 'cause I might accidentally think it's a Scooby Snack when I catch it.  Or play a little too rough with it.  This is not abnormal for a lab, I promise.  I mean, something runs, I chase it.  Just part of the package.  Not a big deal.  Just, no cats.  Also, I like to chew bones.  So, if you could provide those, that'd be great.  My signature moves are an uber cute head tilt.  You'll just die over that one.  And my deep throated, low pitch howl when I hear sirens and such.  It's irresistible I'm telling you.  Okay, so the bottom line is I am friendly and sweet.  And my name...Cooper.  Does it get any more labradorie, noble or adorable?  No.  It does NOT.  I'm ready for my forever home.  My forever family.  Whatever that may look like.  Think about it.  'Cause I want thought going in to this decision.  Forever.  Me and you.  Got it?

Cooper is neutered, heartworm negative, up-to-date on his vaccinations including rabies and he is micro-chipped. If you would like to show Cooperjust how great life can be, please complete our online application and indicate Cooper in the notes section.