Available in: MW/NE

Color: Fawn

Sex: Female

Age: 2 yrs

Size: Large 

> Hey there Delilah
> What's it like in your city?
> I'm a thousand miles away
> But girl, tonight you look so pretty
> Yes you do
> No other dog can
> shine as bright as you
> I swear it's true
> ...Delilah is a 45 lb female yellow lab mix.  Her history prior to showing up at the shelter is unknown.  What is known is that Delilah is super sweet and always happy.  We are unsure of how she does with cats, yet she does great with other dogs.  Delilah is a medium to high energy girl who has learned how to use the doggy door in her foster home.  She will need continued training with her house manners as she does have accidents sometimes.  Consistent repetitive training using positive reinforcement will help with this.  Please do NOT apply if you believe a rolled up newspaper is a good way to teach a dog about potty training.  Delilah is great with men, women and children!  She loves toys and is learning to come when called.  Delilah wants to sit in your lap and get loving rubbies from her people and her tail wags nonstop.  She is working on learning not to jump up on people.  Her wiggle butt just gets sooooo excited!!  She may knock down small children, so either be accepting of this, as she is not intentionally trying to hurt anyone or do NOT express interest in her.  Delilah has no health concerns.  Although she does get along with other dogs she very much prefers humans, so having another dog in the household is not necessarily necessary.  :)  Does this sound like the girl for you?  Delilah has had a great start in her foster home, yet will need continued training with house manners, recall, etc.  BE READY FOR THIS.  No surprises... She is a GREAT little girl ready for her forever home with an active loving positive family.  Look at that face.  Oh my!  You can just tell she is a doll baby...
> Delilah is spayed, microchipped and has been kept on heartworm and flea and tick preventative. If you would like to give Delilah a forever home please complete our on line application and list Delilah in the notes section.