Available in: TX/NE

Color: Fawn

Sex: male

Age: 1 yr

Size: Small 

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: CJ.

His current family adopted him from Lucky Lab as a puppy. Then he grew into a 70lb big, energetic puppy and they feel he's not quite the fit they expected. CJ grew up to be 20lbs more than his mamma dog, who Lucky Lab saved from a shelter when she was pregnant.

Here is what his current family says about CJ:

CJ Stats:

Age - 13 3/4mos. (born 12/03/2017)

Weight - approx. 67lbs.


Playing with Puppy Friends & Human Family

Being Outdoors

Playing in the Doggy Pool

Playing Chase and Hide-N-Seek

Playing Fetch

Running & Surveying the Land

Doggy Daycare with Friends

Eggs & Peanut Butter

Training Treats, Bully Sticks & Buffalo Horns!


We had a difficult time finding anything he dislikes. He would probably dislike being indoors all day but, we arranged our daily schedules to give him as much outdoor time as possible (and when we couldn't do that, we had him participate in doggy daycare for the day).

CJ is still kind of a big puppy who needs some more training. He's a bit stubborn when you tell him to come back inside if he's playing outside.

He likes to naw on fluffy things like pillows and other stuff, but when you're a big puppy you need to be given proper toys and nylabones, etc. to chomp on.

His family says they are choosing to regime CJ because they think he'd do best with an active family who might even have another dog that he can play with, throw the ball and run around-- or he could go to dog daycare to play and burn off his energy.

CJ enjoys running outside and playing so much when he hasn't had enough time outside and/or playing, he tries to expend his energy indoors by running around, jumping on everyone/everything.

One of our Lucky Lab volunteers went over and spent some time with CJ and he said:

He was very friendly to me, but constantly jumping on me for attention. He would jump up on my front, side, back, etc... He knows sit and lay down, but is not the most obedient about actually doing them for me (but did do it a number of times for me).

Given his size, the jumping would be a problem with small to medium size children.

Per the adopter, he does very well at doggie day camp and plays with all sizes of dogs with no problems.

He is reported to bark at dogs and people while walking, but mostly because he wants to go play with then. We walked him a couple blocks in mist/light rain, and we saw one postal employee filling a mailbox but he didn't react. No dogs on our walk so I could not observe/confirm reaction to dogs.

He wears a gentle leader during walks and is okay with it, but doesn't like it being put on (was a little wrestling match but no aggression). Despite the gentle leader, he tended to walk with the leash fairly taught, staying at its limit without really dragging the male owner around.

He was non reactive to my petting any part of his body. He liked being touched, but was still wild and jumpy while I did it, never really settling down for long.

I think he will do fine in any home that is willing to deal with 70 or so lbs of puppy energy. He needs better training especially as regards staying put and not jumping on people.

CJ might do super well in a puppy/young dog training class. Sounds like he wants to please, he just needs to have someone spend some time showing him direction and letting him burn off his energy.

We can't tell you how many young adult dogs Lucky Lab has saved from the shelter who ended up there because they were young and full of energy, ate someone's shoes, and needed some refinement :). If you aren't ready for that don't adopt a young dog! Period.

If you're ready for a bundle of sweet, loving energy CJ is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Apply at www.luckylabrescue.com