Available in: TX/NE

Color: black

Sex: male

Age: 3 yr

Size: Small 

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Murphy.


Murphy is not only gorgeous looking with baby blue, increcible eyes-- he's smart!

You know once in awhile we get some incredible dogs who also know how to type and use a laptop. Murphy is one of those geniuses. Murphy wanted to type out a bit about himself, take it away Murphy:


"I'm Murphy. I'm a 3 year-old Lab mix they tell me.

I LOVE people! I want so badly to please my new humans.


I’m kind of goofy, so I hear them say, (as is evident when I “miss” the stairs when I’m walking next to my human).


I can be crated, but it’s not my favorite thing since it tends to contain my “wiggle."


I LOVE water. I’ll jump into my kiddie pool all day long if I’m outside. I’ll also dig in the garden to “retrieve” the water that was just used for the garden plants (oops!)


I love to rough house with my foster siblings and would like to play with little kids, so I need supervision when with smaller children—I never intend to hurt, I just want to play!


I can be found napping in the shade outside or inside on my dog bed when no one is around— otherwise, I’m your shadow!


If I’m left alone and am bored, I’ll steal a shoe (or two) in order to get your attention.


I REALLY like my humans, and just want to be comforted and reminded that “I belong."


I’m learning how to walk on a leash, but I’m REALLY obedient off-leash and if I wander, I’ll come back as soon as called.


I can ignore the foster cats (if they ignore me), but sure wouldn’t mind playing with them if they’d let me.


Chickens, horses, parrots—all an enigma, but I can leave them alone as well if my humans remind me they’re with me and they love me.


I’m Murphy—I was given another chance at life when my foster mom told Lucky Lab she would foster me, will you give me a family?






Ok, how cute is he, he's got it all, looks, smarts and kindness! Murphy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and house broken. He weighs about 50lbs.


Apply at www.luckylabrescue.c