Doby Deux

Available in: TX/NE

Color: Yellow

Sex: male

Age: 8 months

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Dobby Deux.

This sweet boy is about 8 months old and weighs 28lbs.

Dobby Deux is a very loving, high energy and intelligent young dog.  Dobby Deux is very people oriented and is very happy to be near humans as much as possible.  He comes when called but can be very excited and distracted on walks.  He is very interested in dogs and cats he sees but has shown no sign of aggression.  Dobby Deux loves to cuddle, chew bones and play with other dogs.  If you pick him up, he is happy to be on your lap. When he gets excited he paws at things or drags himself around with his front paws.  He is very smart and learns tricks quickly.

He may not do well in a home with cats he gets very excited when he sees them on walks…

But he’s GREAT with all dogs he’s met living in his foster home, he’s very playful.       

Doby Deux has that typical puppy energy he needs to burn off. He’d do well with another dog to run around, zoom around the yard or dog park or go to a dog daycare to have a ball with pooch pals. 

He is mostly house trained--- he stands near the door when he has to go out, still working on that shoe chewing stage…

He is crate trained, not happy to go in there at first, but then is fine in a crate for a few hours.  But he definitely needs his exercise, this isn’t a pup where you can go to work for the day and leave him home alone in a crate. 

He’s really good with all people.  When he meets strangers he’s usually good about sitting and letting them pet him. Within a home environment he is more excitable and jumpy. He is good with kids in his foster home.  Loves attention of any kind.

He runs when you call his name or if you give him a “no” correction he will also run over to you, assuming you are calling him. He will chase something and sort of brings it back, but mostly to hang on to it and chew. 

Favorite play activity: Playing with dogs and chasing and chewing on a bone. Or cuddling with a human.  He loves pets.

Dobby Deux needs a little leash work, he still pulls and gets very excited when he sees another dog.

He knows “sit” and “down.”   

He paws at things when he gets excited (crate, toys, your feet, the door) he LOVES cuddling, so you can just pick him up and put him in your lap and he stares into your eyes like it’s the best thing ever. 

And counter surfing warning: He tries to get up on counters. He gets down and runs to you with a correction.  He is a puppy.. so he chews up cables or really anything that he sees, so you have to watch him.

He’s a great little boy if a little anxious. Very eager to please humans and always needs a task (though he sleeps hard when he does) he should be with a family that is willing to work through some training, because he has a lot of potential but he is not above mischief.  

He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at