Available in: TX/NE

Color: Brown

Sex: male

Age: 2 yrs

Size: Large

Up for adoption in Texas and New England: Champ.


Champ is about 1-2 years old and weighs about 77lbs. He's chocolate colored with just a wee bit of Carmel on his legs and rear end.


Lucky Lab saved Champ from a shelter where he became a shelter favorite among the volunteers before he became a Lucky Lab and came to live with his foster family.


We think he definitely had a family before because he is very well behaved. Someone has spent some time working with him.


Nobody is perfect but this guy is pretty close! He definitely lives up to his name! He has the most beautiful rich, dark chocolate coat (his foster mom seriously wants to color match her own hair to his fur) and amber eyes. He is just so handsome.


Champ is a calm and friendly guy to everyone he has met so far. He is sometimes a little shy around some men (not all, and not sure what it is) at first, but he does warm up, especially if you have treats.


He will come and sit next to you so you can pet him and scratch his ears. He will probably offer you a paw shake if he feels you are not paying enough attention to him. He will soon roll over on his back for you to rub his belly. He can’t get enough of those belly rubs!


Champ was “cat tested” briefly at the shelter & did not seem interested in them. However, his foster family has a cat that he IS somewhat curious about and he did see a neighbor’s cat through a fence and tried to chase the kitty--- so we may want to try a no cat home for him so there are no unfortunate situations the develop...


We recommend a meet and greet with any dogs an adopter already has to make sure Champ gets along with them.

Champ is very calm and laid back in the house. He is perfectly happy just hanging out at your feet napping, chewing on a rawhide or a Kong with a treat or a little peanut butter in it. He likes to carry his toys around w him too.


Sometimes he will go hang out in his crate if it is where can see you, or just look out the window. He follows his foster mom everywhere. If she goes to the kitchen, he gets up and follows her there and lays down.


He just wants to be with people. He LOVES to be pet and cannot get enough belly rubs, but he basically wants to know that you are nearby. When he goes outside, 20-30 min of exercise/play each day (he does evenings) is enough to wear him out.


Champ is housebroken, no accidents! Woo hoo!

Champ is crate trained. He sleeps in his kennel at night without any complaining. His foster mom thinks he would probably be fine sleeping next to his human’s bed (and probably IN it if you let him).


Champ also sometimes goes to his crate just to relax during the day while we are home.

Champ is crated when his foster family is not home and there's been no problems.


When it is time for them to leave, they tell him “kennel” and he goes in. They always make sure to give him a treat and a chew toy to keep him busy.



Champ just wants to be with his people and will make friends w anyone who will pet him, talk to him, rub his belly or give him treats. Sometimes, if you happen to not be petting him “enough”, he will give you a little “reminder” by putting his paw on you. (Like “Excuse me? I’m still here.. Pet me more!”)


While he likes everyone he meets, he is sometimes a little unsure of SOME men at first (not all) and might take a little while to warm up to them, but then he is fine.


He does seem to prefer women. He’s a “lady’s man/dog”, so we feel like he definitely needs a “mom” around.


He loves the 13 year old daughter and her friends in his foster home. He has not been around younger kids.

Because of his size (he’s kind of a tall guy w long legs) and his tendency to often offer his friendly paw (which can sometimes scratch a little bit) we would not recommend younger kids.


Champ will fetch his rope toy, a tennis ball or a kong. He will go get it but he may not bring it back to you every time. Sometimes he just likes to carry it around. His foster family has found it works best to have 2 toys. One to throw. He’ll bring it back to you and drop it if you get ready to throw the other one.


This guy will chase a red laser light pen in the early evenings in the backyard for a long time and then keep looking for it later on when it has been gone! He also likes you to toss his favorite rope toy! We heard that he loved the baby pool at the shelter so a family with a pool or a lake/river might be a bonus.


Champ tends to pull on the leash because he is excited and wants to sniff/smell everything---especially deer that have been in his yard. He has improved in the short time we have had him but he could still benefit from some training on “heel.” He does walk much better with less pulling after he has played for a little while (of course!)


He has ignored other barking dogs he hears when on walks or dogs that are on the other side of the fence.

Obedience training/knows commands such as sit, stay, down, etc:


Knows “sit, down(lay), shake, kennel, drop it”. Working on “stay” and “come” but still inconsistent.


Does not get on the furniture (except once or twice, but he was just seeing if his foster family noticed...)


Champ understands “no” and is eager to please, so it hasn’t happened since. He seems to get his feelings hurt if you tell him “no” and will go to his kennel on his own and look sad for a little while. (He knows how to give a guilt trip! LOL!)


Cutest behavior: Did we mention the belly rubs?

This boy LOVES belly rubs. If you sit there and pet him, he will start leaning into you and eventually “melt/slide” to the floor. Before you know it, he will be on his back “smiling” & getting his belly rubbed. He also groans or squeaks when he yawns. (Think about the end of the Home Improvement show intro!)


If you put ice cubes in his water, he will sometimes take them out, one. at. a. time. =)


He has been known to pick up an occasional shoe and take it to his kennel, but has only chewed on 1 which was the first shoe/flip-flop he stole. This happened just a week or two after he arrived. His foster family told him “no,” and then decided that he would just steal them but not chew them. Even the stealing hasn’t happened lately, his foster family does try to keep their shoes picked up and give him lots of Kongs, Bullybones and rawhides to satisfy any urge to chew.


Champ is awesome, neutered, vaccinated, gorgeous, microchipped and wants his forever home. Apply at