Available in: TX

Color: White

Sex: Male

Age: 2 yrs

Size: Large

Hey! Who let the pointy eared cutie in the Lab rescue? :) This is Sebastian and he's great. He can be adopted in Texas and New England.

Sebastian is estimated to be about 2 years old but he doesn't seem to know it. He has a lot of positive energy and loves to play. He likes toys and bones and running REALLY fast!

He gets along great with people and other dogs but we not sure about cats.

Sebastian gets so excited to see you he still jumps a bit-- and needs a little work in that department. For that reason we would want to avoid a home with very small children, we'd recommend older kids.

Sebastian doesn't care to share his food unless he's already eaten and no longer hungry. He typically eats in his crate and goes in without a fuss. If you will allow him on the couch or your bed, he will be the best snuggler ever! Sebastian has a lot of love to give! Just look at the heart on his nose.

He weights about 43 lbs. He's neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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