Available in: TX

Color: Black


Age: 10 months

Size: LArge

Up for adoption in Texas: Simon.

This adorable pup is 9 months old and weights 62lbs.

Simon is typical happy very playful puppy. He loves everybody and he is curious about everything.

He is very intelligent and learning quickly, especially when treats are involved and would love to work more on basic obedience with his new human family.

His favorite things to do are running and fetching balls, playing in water and lives for belly rubs and scratches behind his ears.

He is still a puppy so is crated when home alone. He does good in his crate with a kong chew to keep him entertained and help him from being bored.

Hasn’t been around kitties.

He walks well on the leash and he's eager to see other dogs when he passes them.

Simon does well with big dogs after proper introductions, he plays a bit rough with smaller sized dogs.

He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go home! Apply at