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Upon taking possession of the dog, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption releases full responsibility and ownership for the dog (herein after referred to as “the Dog”) to undersigned adopter. Adoption payments are considered to be non-refundable unless other arrangements are made after return of the Dog, at the sole discretion of Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption (LLRA).

The undersigned adopter does hereby release and agree to hold harmless Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption and its directors and officers from any claims, damages, costs or actions incurred as a result of this adoption or caused by the actions of the Dog transferred herein.

The adopter (herein after referred to as “You”), further agree to abide by the terms of adoption listed below:

1. Non-Breeding: It is understood that if not already done, the Dog will be neutered or spayed by date in disclaimer that will be sent or as soon as possible in accordance with a veterinarian’s recommendation considering the Dog’s age and health . The adopter will provide Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption with a copy of the vet’s record showing this surgery has been performed once completed.

2. No Representations: You understand that the Dog was previously unwanted, a stray or lost and may have been rescued by us from a dangerous, unhealthy and/or cruel situation. This could have long-lasting effects on the Dog. You agree that we are making no representations or warranties about the condition, personality, or temperament of the Dog. The Dog was evaluated by a representative of LLRA but that not does guarantee its temperament or compatibility with You or any members of Your household. You understand that by signing this contract, You are responsible for providing a safe environment for the Dog, children, and other individuals that may come in contact with the Dog.

3. Transfer, Euthanasia: You agree not to abandon, give away, sell, transfer, foster out or dispose of the Dog in any way, and to notify us immediately at any time You determine You no longer want, or no longer can keep the Dog, so that we can take the Dog back to arrange another adoption. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU CANNOT KEEP THIS DOG BETWEEN THE ADOPTION DATE AND ITS LIFETIME, LLRA MUST BE CONTACTED AND RESERVES THE RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL. You are responsible for both: reaching out to your adoption coordinator, AND for emailing us at, should you not be able to keep this dog.

You agree to give us reasonable time to find the Dog another foster home and understand that this may take a few weeks. You agree that You may never surrender the Dog to an animal shelter which euthanizes surplus pets. You agree that You may not euthanize the Dog except in the case of the Dog’s terminal illness, injury, or old age accompanied by pain and suffering. The euthanasia must be performed by a licensed veterinarian in a private clinic or hospital.

4. Health: To the best of our knowledge, the Dog is in good health. If, despite our best efforts, this Dog is diagnosed with any health related issues after this Agreement is signed, the responsibility of all care and expense for the Dog is solely the responsibility of You. Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption makes no warranties of any kind on the future health of the Dog. The Dog will receive rabies and all recommended vaccinations and will be licensed in accordance with state and local ordinances. The Dog will be tested for heartworm and a heartworm preventative will be administered as prescribed by a veterinarian. This program will be maintained yearly as initialed by You.

5. Reservations of Rights: Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption reserves the right to an on going review of this adoption and to follow up on any complaints or reports to protect the welfare of the Dog. If the terms of this Agreement are not satisfactorily upheld by You, and/or if any misrepresentations have been made to Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption in order to obtain the Dog, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption reserves the right to void the Contract and demand the immediate return of the Dog to Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, by You.

6. Control: The Dog will not be allowed to run loose off the adopter’s property (except if involved in boa fide sporting events). THE DOG WILL BE UNDER VOICE CONTROL OR ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES.

7. Care/Housing: You accept full responsibility for maintaining a reasonable level of care for the Dog including food, water, grooming, adequate sanitation, exercise, attention, safety, shelter, and prompt veterinarian diagnosis and treatment of all medical conditions. The Dog will live as a family companion and reside in the adopter’s home. The Dog will not be kept as an outside Dog. The Dog will not be left outside unsupervised (i.e., while at work, shopping, etc.).

8. Lost Dog: You agree to make a serious effort to find the Dog if it becomes lost, by immediately (a) filing lost reports with the local police, animal control authorities, animal shelters, SPCA’s and local veterinarians, and (b) posting lost Dog signs, and (c) contacting us immediately should the Dog become lost.

9. Training: If behavioral issues arise with , You will seek professional care and/or training, including, but not limited to, behavior modification. LLRA highly recommends and encourages You to attend formal obedience training classes with the Dog.

10. Breach of Agreement; Liquidation Damages: In the event that we make the determination in our sole discretion that You have failed to comply in, spirit or letter, with any of the terms of this Agreement, or the Dog is abused or neglected, as determined in our sole discretion, one of our remedies will be to immediately recover the Dog from You upon demand and You will without hesitation surrender the Dog to us immediately. In addition, without waiving any of our rights under this Agreement, if You do not immediately surrender the Dog to us, You will post with us a payment in the amount of $5,000 agreed between us as just and reasonable liquidated damages to compensate us for our costs and expenses, including legal fees, court costs and attorney fees in connection with Your breach of this Agreement and our subsequent enforcement thereof,

11. Acceptance: Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption has provided You, to the fullest extent possible, information about the health, history, and background of the Dog. You accept responsibility of the Dog based on the information available and provided at the time of this Contract and agrees to fully abide by all municipal and stated rules and regulations that may pertain to pet ownership in the adopter’s locality.

12. Final Fecal Exam: You are responsible for a final fecal exam and a final worming for internal parasites within 5 days from the date of adoption.