Available in: Texas

Color: Yellow

Sex: Male

Age: 4 years

Size: Large

Coconut is awesome, gorgeous and amazing. He is also deaf. His foster family has been teaching him sign language. We love our rescue, we take in amazing dogs with amazing stories, just like Coconut. We want to give dogs a chance and have them succeed! Now we hope someone out there wants to do the same for this boy.

Coconut is about 4-5 years old and weighs just under 100lbs.

He has beautiful bright blue eyes and is friendly dog! He is very chill dog, loves to be lazy and sleep all the day. However, he likes to have his daily morning walks.

He knows sign language commands such as sit, stay, down, his foster family is still working on: Eat, come, no, and walk. 

Coconut loves and will want to be petted all the day. He sometimes does not know his size, so he sometimes will step on your foot or your pet’s paws without realizing it.

He loves to lay out in the sun, so in fenced in yard would be nice for this sweetie.

He's actually pretty decent with cats. He lives with 3 cats.

He leaves them alone 99% of the time. Sometimes will chase them wanting to play but when told no he will stop.    

He is very, very good with dogs from energetic to calm dogs, puppies and adults.

How is his energy? Coconut is pretty chill. He can be wild in the mornings after his walk (playing with other dog for short time) then he will be low energy all day.   

Since he is deaf Coconut can be afraid of the dark or any sudden shadow movement during the evening/night time.

He does not like to go up the stairs, will prefer to stay on one floor house and will not even go up even if his foster family is on the 2nd floor.

Coconut seems to get along with everybody, can be big for toddlers, he does not realize that he is big dog. He thinks he is small dog.   

He walks well on leash, doesn’t pull but when see other dogs, he will become excited and will pull but when tell him no he will try not to pull.

Lucky Lab asked his foster family what his cutest behavior is. They told us: EVERYTHING! He becomes over excited when you come home and wake him up. He sometimes will just roll over on the floor looking so happy.

Coconut is neutered, vaccinated, housebroken and microchipped.