HAPPY TAIL ALERT!!! Charlie came to Lucky Lab as an owner surrender who didn’t have time for a dog anymore. Unvetted and very underweight, Charlie was full of every intestinal worm you can think of. Hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, Lyme disease, and the dreaded Heartworms! Back in March, we asked for your help to have Charlie treated. After several months of treatment, we are pleased to say that Charlie is a happy, healthy, LUCKY lab. During the five months he was with his foster, he made quite the impression. This dog was hesitant to show his personality at first. He was afraid to walk through door frames, only wanted to sleep on the hard floor, and was terrified to get in the car. Once Charlie knew he was safe, loved, and could count on a meal every day, he showed his foster that he was already home. Charlie’s mom became a “foster failure” for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Today, Charlie sleeps in the very middle of the bed, loves going on outdoor activities, and would ride in the car for hours if it meant sticking his head out the window for some fresh air. This is one happy tail that we owe all to you! From all of us at Lucky Lab (Charlie included) THANK YOU FOR HELPING US SAVE CHARLIE!