Available in: Midwest & New England

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

Age: 3-5 years

Size: Large

Seriously?  My name is Bubba?  Oh Dear.  I guess I do kinda look like a Bubba.  Aren't I handsome?  I am a three to five year old, 78 lb chocolate boy.  I am gentle and sweet, albeit of a very active breed.  Apparently in all of my "Bubbaness" I can be dominant with other dogs.  Please inquire as to how this plays out as they get to know me a little better.  I know how to sit.  Someone, at some time, taught me to sit.  Where did they go?  Some parts of all this moving are a little confusing.  One day I have a home.  The next day I don't.  What did I do?  Nothing.  I did nothing.  Sometimes humans are confusing creatures.  That is a nice way of putting it.  I digress.  Learning house manners, or at least reminding me about those, will be part of your responsibility if you want me to come live with you.  Are you familiar with the Labrador breed?  This would probably be helpful with me.  I'm going to need regular exercise to make sharing a home with me much more enjoyable.  I love people and will smother them with my loveliness.  I'm just a great looking guy with an all around attractive personality.  Bubba.  Hmmmm...

Bubba is altered, microchipped and has been kept on heartworm and flea and tick preventative. If you would like to give him a forever home please complete our on line application and list Bubba in the notes section.